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  • Oilfield Chemicals Polyether Polyol Shale Inhibitor

    Contact NowOilfield Chemicals Polyether Polyol Shale Inhibitor Basic Info polyther polymer polymers inhibitor agent, which can effectively prevent shales collapse and can lubricate parts. It is a kind of double protection agent to formulate shale inhibitors of drilling and completion fluids. It can be directly added into various water base mud and its comon...Read More

  • Oilfield Wastewater Used Corrosion Inhibitor

    Contact NowOilfield Wastewater Used Corrosion InhibitorOilfield water injection corrosion inhibitor from a variety of organic acid, specialty surfactants, builders, etc., on the water, Ca2 +, Mg2 + chelation, inhibiting scale generated by the lattice distortion; carbonate in water calcium, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, etc. are good chelating dispersionRead More

  • Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor HJ

    Contact NowAcidizing Corrosion Inhibitor HJWelcome to consult acidizing corrosion inhibitor hj price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading acidizing corrosion inhibitor hj suppliers in China and also a productive acidizing corrosion inhibitor hj factory. Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor HJ I. Description Acid...Read More

  • Yellow Inhibitor

    Contact NowYellow InhibitorInhibitor can improve the spandex fibers dyeing property, inhibit the discolor Appearance white powder Molecular weight 370 Melting point 160-180 Dry loss% 0.7 Boiling point heat decomposition Proportion 1.1Read More