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Sulfonated phenolic resin

  • Sulfonated Phenolic Resin SMP-2

    Contact NowSulfonated Phenolic Resin SMP-2Welcome to consult sulfonated phenolic resin smp-2 price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading sulfonated phenolic resin smp-2 suppliers in China and also a productive sulfonated phenolic resin smp-2 factory. Drilling Sulfonated Phenolic Resin SMP-2 I. Description...Read More

  • Drilling Fluid High Polymer Shale Stabilizer PF-PLH

    Contact NowDrilling Fluid High Polymer Shale Stabilizer PF-PLHTL-PLH used acrylic acid, acrylamide as the main body, introduction of a carboxyl group and copolymerizable generated. Since the control of moderate polymerization, so that the product PAM flocculation overcome serious shortcomings, while the carboxyl group in the molecular chain of the product on the solid phase has a certain adsorption effect, so they have gum care, improving quality of mud cake, reduce moisture loss effect, is widely used in low solids non-dispersible polymer drilling fluid system. II.Specification:Read More

  • Drilling Fluid Liquid Lubricant JYR-1

    Contact NowDrilling Fluid Liquid Lubricant JYR-1This product is brown liquid, used as a drilling fluid additives, non-toxic, non-polluting, good anti-seizure lubricating performance characteristics. And compatibility with various models of mud, mud rheological properties without adverse effects, can satisfy deep, detailed exploration wells, geological logging and environmental protection requirements.Read More