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Cementing Admixture factory

  • Silicone Defoamers JXX610

    Contact NowSilicone Defoamers JXX610JXX610L having a defoaming effective at low concentrations force; having stability under a wide range of PH value and temperature conditions, with continuous defoaming force, having high shear stability readily dispersible.Read More

  • Multifunctional Fluid Loss CG722L

    Contact NowMultifunctional Fluid Loss CG722LCG722LHigh temperature, wide temperature range CG722LSalt is good, resistant to saturated brine CG722LSystem stability, less free fluid CG722LNot retarded, rapid strength development CG722LGood liquidity, generally does not require additional dispersant Especially wary:CG722L in brine and the use of high temperature systems require an appropriate increase in dosageRead More

  • Medium Temperature RetarderJXH210

    Contact NowMedium Temperature RetarderJXH210JXH210L to extend and adjust slurry thickening time. Special Note: Use JXH210L slurry system, when the curing temperature is lower than the temperature cycling, have a certain influence on the development of compressive strength; when JXH210L used in more than 100 ℃, the dosage will be increased significantly.Read More