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The Factors That Influence The Selection Of Polyacrylamide
Apr 27, 2016

Pam has a linear polymer can adsorb particles in functional groups, like a long rope together to form a Floc particle adsorption of polyacrylamide long carbon chain, plays a bridging role between the particles, in recent years, as the polymer flocculants are widely used in the field of environmental protection.

Can be widely used in various industrial wastewater treatment: pulp and paper industry, food industry, textiles, wine, oil, chemicals, leather, oil field wastewater.

Due to the varying nature of the above industrial sewage, nature has changed a lot, the best choice of products to laboratory experiments to decide. Usually two or three products combined with the best results.

In terms of product selection should pay attention to the following aspects:

1) climate change (temperature) effect of flocculating agent selection.

2) according to the technological requirements of the Floc size select the molecular weight flocculants.

3) hydrolysis degree of flocculation must be filtered through experiments.

4) can be improved by increasing the molecular weight flocculant Floc strength.

5) before treatment sludge and flocculant must fully mixed.

6) flocculating agent selection must take fully into account the requirements for technology and equipment.