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Sludge Treatment Using Polyacrylamide Products?
Apr 27, 2016

Sludge refers to physical, chemical, physicochemical and biological methods of wastewater sludge, solids and floating material. Sludge refers to thick is between liquid and solid, you can pump, but it's through solid-liquid separation settlement. Suspended solids concentration in 1-10%, lower concentrations are often called mud. Due to the different sources of sludge and water treatment, sludge, sludge of many kinds classification is complex, current common classification of sludge:

(1) according to sources mainly sewage sludge sewage sludge, industrial sludge from wastewater sludge and water supply.

(2) treatment and separation process of primary sludge, activated sludge, humus sludge, chemical sludge.

(3) according to the different stages of sludge: sludge, biological treatment of sewage sludge, chemical sludge and digested sludge, concentrated sludge, sludge desiccation, drying sludge.

(4) according to the composition and properties of the sludge. Sludge into organic and inorganic sludge sludge sludge from sludge in hydrophilic and hydrophobic.