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Sewage Treatment Chemical of Cationic Polyacrylamide PAM
Apr 21, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: CPAM

  • Trademark:Tongli

  • Origin: China

  • CAS: 9003-05-8

  • Specification: ISO SGS

  • HS Code: 39069010

Product Description
Chemical name: cationic polyacrylamide
CAS: 9003-05-8

Cationic Polyacrylamide(pam) is used for water treatment, mining and paper mills.

Cationic flocculant of polyacrylamide for solid-liquid separation in industrial and municipal watewater treatment plants. It can be used in pre-disposal of sludges as thickener and separation processes of wastewater from manufacturing foods, alcohol and paper, city wastewater treatment plants, beer factory, sugar manufacturing and deal with wastewater with high content ofsolids, wastewater from textile and other industries. In addition, it can also be used as chemical assistant such as thickening agent of oil field acidification and as enchancer in paper manufacturing.

1) Appearance:                       White granule
2) Molecular weight:                5 - 12 million minimum
3) Granule:                              20 - 100 mesh
4) Solid content:                      88% minimum
5) Hydrolyzing degree:            10 - 20%, 20 - 30% or 30 - 40%
6) Dissolving time:                    1 hours maximum (20º C)
7) Insoluble:                             0.5% maximum
8) Monomer free:                     0.05% maximum

Application and Advantage: 
1)Industry solid-liquid separation, including settlement, clarifications, concentration 
2)Municipal sludge dewatering 
3)Urban sewage treatment 
4)The intensifier in the papermaking industry 
5)It can be used as the additives chemicals in the oil field 
6)Wastewater treatment for a variefy of industry such as papermaking, petrochemical, metallurgical, dyeing, sugar and etc. 

25kg/plastic enhanced paper bags with inner plastic bag, 25kg/PE bags