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Polyacrylamide Use Process
Jul 06, 2017

Poly aluminum chloride and polyacrylamide in the application of sewage treatment in a wide range of areas, occupies a very important position. Polyaluminium chloride and polyacrylamide are often used together during use.Polyacrylamide First of all to have to analyze their relationship, Polyacrylamide and then to tell you about the mixed steps, precautions and related knowledge. Detergent production wastewater has the characteristics of complex composition, high content of CODcr and LAS in waste water and difficult to direct biodegradation, low pH value of waste water, etc., while the detergent composition in wastewater to a certain concentration will affect the wastewater treatment aeration, Precipitation and sludge digestion process. In the actual wastewater treatment process, flocculants are often used to solve the problem of high biodegradation of high concentration LAS. Polyacrylamide Therefore, it is of great practical significance to study the flocculant type selection, dosage and influencing factors in flocculation treatment The

The polyacrylamide and polyaluminium chloride were used in order to determine the flocculation treatment parameters of the wastewater treatment test system. Polyacrylamide The flocculation experiment was carried out on the waste water of the detergent factory to determine the optimum operating conditions such as flocculant type, Polyacrylamide The amount of flocculant, pH and stirring conditions

The wastewater mainly includes: detergent production of raw materials, washing water, the production process of wastewater, a variety of containers of washing water and some domestic sewage and so on. The main products of the detergent factory are kitchen brick cleaning agent, Polyacrylamide dishwashing detergent, dishwashing cleaning aids, bleach, washing and so on, wherein the kitchen brick detergent contains irritating acidic active agent ; Polyacrylamide Washing detergent, dishwashing cleaning agent is acidic or strongly acidic, and strong corrosive; bleach is a white powder of organic bleach; clean is oily liquid, the main ingredient is the surfactant and spices. In the project site using flocculation and biological combination process system for the pilot wastewater test.

Flocculation experiment with beaker in the multi-linkage variable speed mixer on the experimental wastewater used directly from the above detergent production plant. The experimental equipment includes JJ-3 six-electric stirrer, pHS-3C precision pH meter, MS-1 microwave digestion COD analyzer, 721B type spectrophotometer and beaker. Experimental pharmaceutical polyacrylamide (PAM), polyaluminum chloride (PAC), caustic soda (NaOH) solution, dilute sulfuric acid solution, ferric chloride, Polyacrylamide ferrous sulfate and alum. Experimental methods and experimental conditions in 6 to 8 beakers, add 200ml of water samples, respectively, by adding a certain amount of flocculant, coagulant, caustic soda solution or dilute sulfuric acid solution to adjust the pH value, Polyacrylamide stirring for a certain time, , Polyacrylamide Take the supernatant measured CODcr value. Stirring speed 60r / min, Polyacrylamide stirring time 30rain, precipitation time 30min. Water quality determination according to "water and wastewater monitoring and analysis methods" in the standard method, which CODc, Polyacrylamide the determination of microwave digestion method of potassium dichromate.