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Polyacrylamide The Key Factor
Sep 26, 2017

Sludge is the inevitable outcome of urban sewage treatment, first of all we should understand the source of sludge, nature, composition and solid content. Polyacrylamide According to the sludge contains the main components of different sludge can be divided into organic sludge and inorganic sludge. In general, cationic polyacrylamide for the treatment of organic sludge, anionic polyacrylamide for inorganic sludge, Polyacrylamide alkaline is not strong when the cationic polyacrylamide should not be used, and acidity should not be used when the anionic polyacrylamide, solid content When the sludge is usually high, the amount of polyacrylamide is also large.

The size of the floc: floc too small will affect the speed of drainage, floc too will make the flocs to bind more water and reduce the mud cake dryness. Polyacrylamide The size of the floc can be adjusted by selecting the molecular weight of the polyacrylamide.

Polyacrylamide ion degree: for the dewatered sludge, can be used to different degrees of flocculant by doing a small test for screening, select the best suitable polyacrylamide, Polyacrylamide so that you can get the best flocculant effect, but also So that the least amount of drugs, cost savings.

Floc strength: flocs in the shear under the action should remain stable without breaking. Increasing the molecular weight of polyacrylamide or selecting the appropriate molecular structure can improve the stability of floc.

Polyacrylamide mixed with the sludge: Polyacrylamide in the dehydration of a certain location must be fully reacted with the sludge, the role. To this end, the viscosity of polyacrylamide solution must be appropriate, in the existing equipment conditions can be fully mixed with the sludge, Polyacrylamide the two mixed even if it is a key factor in success. The viscosity of polyacrylamide solution is related to its molecular weight and formulation concentration.

Polyacrylamide dissolved: dissolved in order to play a full play flocculation. Sometimes need to speed up the dissolution rate, then consider increasing the concentration of polyacrylamide solution.

And mention polyacrylamide in the textile industry, what role, I think a lot of people do not know. Textile industry in the domestic enterprises is also very much, Polyacrylamide according to the National Bureau of Statistics data: as of the end of 2013, China's textile industry above the scale of the number of enterprises reached 20776, how a huge number of ah. Now is 2017 years, since the three years, the environmental pollution is also very serious. As a new century enterprises, the development of green products without delay. In the textile industry, green textiles represent environmental protection and health. Polyacrylamide as an indispensable industrial additives in the environmental protection industry, in the textile industry is also playing a very wide range of roles.

The anionic polyacrylamide molecular chain contains a certain amount of polar groups to adsorb suspended solids in the water, and is therefore particularly suitable for use in water treatment processes with positively charged suspended solids, while cationic polyacrylamides are It is very effective to use cationic polyacrylamide to be several times or several times higher than that of anion / anionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salt, Polyacrylamide and it is effective to clarify the effect of cationic polyacrylamide , Polyacrylamide Because this type of waste water is generally charged with electricity.