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Polyacrylamide The Effect Is Remarkable
Oct 19, 2017

Polyacrylamide dosing system is a polyacrylamide solid particles and water in accordance with a certain proportion of preparation, dissolved, cooked, accurately added to the water in the automatic set of dosing equipment. The main work flow for the suction machine suction, sealed silo storage, Polyacrylamide precision feeder feeding, stainless steel dissolved tank dissolved preparation, screw pump plus a reasonable vote to achieve the purpose of coagulation.

Polyacrylamide (PAM), is the acrylamide monomer in the initiator under the effect of homopolymerization or copolymerization of the polymer collectively. Is a linear polymer, soluble in water, almost insoluble in general organic solvents, water-soluble polymer materials is one of the most widely used varieties. It can be adsorbed by the water suspended solids, through the bridge or the role of charge in the particles to form a large flocculation of aggregates, and get the effect of separation and clarification. Mainly used in water treatment, Polyacrylamide oil extraction, textile, paper, mineral processing, medicine, agriculture and other industries, there are hundreds of industry additives said.

Low temperature and low turbidity, the proportion of organic matter in water accounted for only when the addition of polyaluminium chloride and other alum, Polyacrylamide the formation of floc structure loose, difficult to precipitate. After adding polyacrylamide, due to its huge surface adsorption and good bridging ability, the floc is more compact, the proportion increases, the sedimentation speed is accelerated, the turbidity is reduced, and the consumption of alum can be reduced.

As the polyacrylamide coagulation effect is significant, Polyacrylamide can effectively remove the organic pollution, for the color, algae removal have a certain role.

Adding the product suitable for the sludge type to improve the floc strength and settling speed through the action of adsorption bridge and so on, so that the floc strength is high and the settling performance is good, Polyacrylamide so as to improve the solid-liquid separation speed and help the sludge to dehydrate.

 Powder PAM can not be directly added, must be completely dissolved before use dosing. Preparation of the proposed concentration of 0.1% to 0.3%, the preparation of excessive concentration caused by the mixer motor load is too large, but also cause the postdash after the dispersion is not good,Polyacrylamide affecting the use of results.

When the coagulation, Polyacrylamide the dosage should be determined according to the test test; sludge dewatering, according to the nature of the sludge test to determine the appropriate model and dosage.

In the case of coagulation, the dosing point is set at 1/2 to 2/3 of the reaction phase.

 It is recommended that non-ionic and anionic PAM solution should not be stored for more than one week. The cationic PAM solution is recommended to be used within 24 hours. Polyacrylamide It is best not to exceed 2 days. The prolongation of the time will cause hydrolysis and degradation.

Iron, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions are caused by PAM chemical degradation of the catalyst. Therefore, in the preparation, transfer, storage PAM solution, try to avoid contact with metal ions.

Dissolved PAM water should be clean water, Polyacrylamide can not be sewage, room temperature water can generally do not need heating, water temperature below 5 ℃ when the dissolution is very slow, the water temperature to increase the dissolution rate, but at 50 ℃ above will PAM Speed up the degradation, the impact of the use of results, Polyacrylamide strong acid, alkali, high salt content of water is not suitable for preparation.

Preparation of the first water will be added to the dispensing pot, and then open the mixer, and finally PAM slowly into the whirlpool of water, the PAM fully dissolved, Polyacrylamide and finally become a uniform, transparent, viscous solution.