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Polyacrylamide Stone Cutting Wastewater Treatment
Oct 31, 2017

Polyacrylamide with many substances are better affinity, high molecular weight polyacrylamide flocculation effect is particularly good, with the suspended sludge in the water to form flocs, so that particles precipitate down. In the water treatment, polyacrylamide to a small amount, the effect is well known, and will not produce secondary pollution, and no residual harmful substances, so the polyacrylamide treated water, water quality is relatively high, so the polypropylene Amide in the field of water treatment applications are very broad prospects.

At the same time, in the industry application process polyacrylamide as a flocculant in various industries in the use of sewage discharge. Polyacrylamide in the sewage treatment in the industrial pollution of the water will not once again cause pollution to the environment to protect the Earth's environment. Polyacrylamide manufacturers wholesale and then face a variety of industries, according to different circumstances have the relevant industry standards. The face of specific targets for sewage discharge standards, according to their specific deployment of sewage.

Polyacrylamide flocculant can only be used as a kind of additives, want to fully meet the emission standards, but also need a variety of pharmaceutical cooperation. The state had previously developed a series of emission standards.

Application of polyacrylamide in stone cutting wastewater treatment

Stone cutting wastewater treatment Flocculant Polyacrylamide is mainly used in marble, granite, artificial stone in the process of waste water generated by flocculation sedimentation, the use of polyacrylamide flocculant on the stone processing wastewater flocculation settlement treatment, can be purified separation of suspended solids, including Marble, granite decorative plates and other stone products processing waste water, and the current stone products manufacturing enterprises generally used in the sedimentation tank sewage treatment system compared to a great advantage, the specific performance in the following areas:

①, sewage treatment capacity in the marble, granite decorative plates and other stone products in the production process of the formation of debris, abrasive, marble and granite and other particles are usually difficult to precipitate, to be added to the sewage appropriate stone Processing of wastewater treatment of polyacrylamide flocculant, in order to force debris, abrasive, marble and granite and other particles quickly condensed into a compact structure of the block (usually its size up to a few microns), to speed up its settlement speed, Processing wastewater treatment of sedimentation time, and greatly improve the sewage treatment capacity.

②, small footprint, low management costs The current production of stone products manufacturers commonly used sedimentation tank sewage treatment system, only rely on the gravity of fine particles for precipitation, the sedimentation rate is slower, the required precipitation time is longer. In order to meet the production of stone products, must use a certain number of sedimentation tank rotation work, obviously its covers an area of large, high management costs.

Stone processing waste water treatment, through the use of appropriate flocculant, the amount of added and the appropriate form of sewage precipitator, etc., forcing debris, abrasive, marble and granite particles and other particles quickly condensed into a large structure of large blocks (usually The size of up to a few millimeters), to speed up its precipitation rate, reduce the sedimentation time; the same time flocculant and the role of the auxiliary agent to improve the sediment (sludge) filtration dehydration efficiency is conducive to the separation of cake and so on. It can be seen, it reduces the stone waste water treatment purification treatment time and area and other costs, thereby enhancing the quality of sewage treatment.

That is, in the marble with marble, granite decorative plates and other stone products in the beaker gradually add stone processing waste water treatment flocculant polyacrylamide, when its added amount reaches a certain value, the suspended solids in the sewage Of the floc began to disperse, the specific value is the best amount of flocculant added. After several tests, you can select the appropriate polyacrylamide flocculant and its added amount.

Practice of production experience shows that marble, granite decorative plates and other stone products, flocculation sedimentation purification treatment, the more effective method is the inorganic flocculant with stone processing wastewater treatment flocculant polyacrylamide combination of use. They can quickly absorb the suspended matter in the waste water from the stone to form aggregated particles. These flocs, in the process of settling, capture new aggregated particles and become large, structurally large blocks (usually up to A few millimeters). It can be seen that the sedimentation rate is 10-15 times that of the traditional gravity sedimentation method (about 10 mm / min), which achieves the purpose of reducing the content of suspended solids in sewage and the purification cost of sewage.