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Polyacrylamide Loosely Structured
Oct 13, 2017

The polypropylene amide dosing system is a kind of automatic dosing and adding equipment, which is prepared, dissolved and cured by a certain proportion of polyacrylamide solid granules and water, and is added to water accurately. Its main work flow for the suction machine suction material, airtight material storage, Polyacrylamide accurate feeder feeding, stainless steel dissolving tank dissolved preparation, screw pump to add to the reasonable investment to achieve the purpose of coagulation.

Polyacrylamide (PAM) is a general designation of polymers which are polymerized or polymerized by acrylamide monomer under the action of initiator. is a kind of linear polymer, soluble in water, almost insoluble in general organic solvents, is one of the most widely used in water-soluble polymer materials. Polyacrylamide It can be separated and clarified by absorbing suspended solid particles in water, through bridging or charge to make particles condense to form large floc. Mainly used in water treatment, oil mining, textile, paper, mineral processing, medicine, agriculture and other industries, there are industrial and chemical additives.

At low temperature and turbidity, the proportion of organic matter in water is large, when only adding polyaluminum chloride such as alum, the FLOC structure is loose and difficult to precipitate. Polyacrylamide After adding polyacrylamide, because of its huge surface adsorption and good bridging ability, the floc is more dense, the proportion increases, the settling speed is accelerated, the turbidity is reduced and the alum consumption is reduced.

Adding suitable products of the type of sludge, Polyacrylamide through adsorption and bridging the effect of increasing the strength and sedimentation speed of the floc, so that the formation of high strength, good sedimentation performance, so as to improve the separation speed of solid and liquid, help sludge dehydration.

Powder Pam can not be directly added, before use must be completely dissolved after adding. The preparation of concentrations in the 0.1% to 0.3%, the concentration of the General Assembly caused by the mixer motor load is too large, will also result in a poor dispersion after adding, affecting the use of results.

The dosing amount should be determined according to the Test small trial, and the suitable model and dosing quantity should be determined according to the characteristics of sludge dewatering.

in the coagulation, the projection is set in the reaction phase 1/2 to 2/3.

recommended Nonionic and anionic PAM solution storage time not more than a week, cationic-type PAM solution recommended in 24 hours, preferably not more than 2 days, placing time will be prolonged hydrolysis, Polyacrylamide degradation, affect the use of effect.

iron, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions are caused by Pam chemical degradation of the catalyst. Therefore, when preparing, transferring and storing Pam solution, it is necessary to avoid contacting metal ions as far as possible.

dissolved powdered Pam water should be clean water, Polyacrylamide can not be sewage, normal temperature water can be, generally do not need to warm, water temperature is less than 5 ℃ when the dissolution is very slow, the water temperature to increase the dissolution speed, but more than 50 ℃ will accelerate the degradation of Pam, the impact of the use of the effect, strong acid, alkali, high salt content

Add water to the dispensing tank first, then open the mixer, and finally Pam slowly sprinkle into the whirlpool of water, so that Pam fully dissolved, and finally become uniform, transparent, viscous solution.