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Polyacrylamide Effect When Used As Flocculant
Apr 27, 2016

Flocculation effect of external

1) PH PH values on surface charge Zeta potential colloid particles, nature and effect of flocculant has very great influence

2) temperature high temperature reaction too quickly to form a Floc small;

At low water temperatures the reaction speed is too slow, hydrolysis time increases, the effects of water, and tearing of the high viscosity of flocculant roles will Floc size fine

3) stir speed and time

Speed had fast, and time had long: will will big particles of solid stirred broken into small particles, will can precipitation of particles stirred broken into cannot precipitation of particles speed had slow, and time had short: flocculation gel agent cannot and solid particles full contact, not conducive to flocculation gel agent capture colloidal particles; and flocculation gel agent of concentration distribution also not uniform, more not conducive to play flocculation gel agent of role.