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OTC U.S ! Welcome To Visit Us @Booth No.931-17,China Pavillion May.02-05th,2016
Apr 09, 2016

Welcome to visit us @Booth No.931-17,China Pavillion,OTC U.S May.02-05th,2016

Drilling Mud Auxiliaries

1.Drilling fluid coating agent PF-PLUS

2.Drilling fluid high polymer shale stabilizer PF-PLH

3. Efficient drilling fluid shale inhibitors LYG-2

4.Drilling fluid liquid lubricant JYR-1

5.Drilling Fluid used solid lubricantJGR-1

6.Drilling Fluid used low molecular weight deepwater coating agent PF-UCAP

7.Sulfonated phenolic resin SMP-2 

8.Drilling fluids polyacrylamide potassium KPAM


Oil Recovery Additives products

1Lignin water shutoff profile system

2.Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor HJ

3.Acidification mutual solvent JHG

4.Acidification drainage aid MAN

5.Iron ion stabilizer  TW-2

6.Oilfield wastewater used corrosion inhibitor

7.Crude Oil Demulsifier


Cementing Admixture products

1.Multifunctional fluid loss CG722L

2Medium Temperature RetarderJXH210

3.Silicone defoamers JXX610


1.Polyacrylamide/PHPA powder for drilling mud

2.Polyacrylamide Emulsion

3.Temperaturer-salt resistance polyacrylamide for EOR