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Nonionic Polyacrylamdie|Nonionic Polyacrylamdie Supplier|Nonionic Polyacrylamdie Manufacturer
Dec 28, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TL-9793

  • Color:White Powder

  • Molecular Weight:6-14million

  • Degree of Ion:5-80%

  • Solid Content:89%

Product Description
nonionic polyacrylamdie|nonionic  polyacrylamdie supplier|nonionic polyacrylamdie manufacturer
1. Product characteristics
Nonionic polyacrylamide is a high polymer with the high molecular weight and the low ion exponent, which
has the function of flocculation, dispersal, thickening, bonding, film forming, gelating and colloidal stability.
It's flocculation is hardly influenced by the PH value and the salt, and in the process of acid wastewater
treatment, its practical effect is superior to the anionic polymer.
2. Application
1) Coal washing: It can be used for the centrifugal separation of the coal washing tailing, used in the
sediment and the filtration processes of the coal dust and the coal slurry. It can help to improve the recovery
rate of the coal dust and the filtration rate.
2) Textile additives: By adding some other chemicals, it can be made into a kind of chemical sizing agent
which can be used for the starching of the textiles. It can improve the textile's adhesiveness , permeability
and the desizing performance, so as to make the textiles obtain the anti-static property, reduce the sizing
rate, reduce the starch spots and the cloth end breakage rate and litter etc.
3) Sewage treatment: if the sewage system is acidic, it is better to choose the non-ionic series
polyacrylamide. With the inorganic flocculant poly-alnminum or aluminum sulfate, it will get better effect in
the water treatment.
4) Metallurgy and mineral processing: It can be used in the application such as the zinc, manganese
and copper mine's flotation and smelting etc. PAM can be added into the leakage and the residue to improve
its separating efficiency.
5) Sand proof and stabilization: Dissolve the non-ionic polyacrylamide into 0.3% concentration solution,
add in crosslinking agent, spray this mixture over the desert, it can retaiin and stabilize the sand.
6) Chemical grouting agent: Mixed the dissolved 95% non-ionic polyacrylamide together with 5% NN-A
methylene diacrylamide, it can be used as chemical grouting agents for the water blocking of the dams, the
foundations tunnels and so on.
7) Oilfield blocking agent: To be used together with the lignocellulose by adding certain chemical
additives, it can be used as the oilfield blocking agent.