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Factors Influencing The Effects Of Polyacrylamide Using
Apr 27, 2016

Effect of polyacrylamide on flocculation effect

Under normal circumstances flocculating effect of flocculant dosage increases, but excess makes the flocculant back into a stable colloid; the optimum dosage is based on content of suspended matter through specific experiments and draw. Separation method and process design on flocculation gel effect of effect inorganic flocculation gel agent and organic polymer flocculation gel agent of composite using PAC+PAM, General in original water treatment to removed solid particles and containing oil wastewater processing to removed oil class of process in the, polymer organic polypropylene n amine of effect better, voted added volume General also rarely, but as combined inorganic flocculation gel agent using, is effect better. And inorganic flocculant of organic flocculant used, its greatest feature is the availability of the maximum particle of flocs and condensation or adsorption oil drops out. Flocculant in Shandong is very good.