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Application Of Anionic Polyacrylamide
Apr 27, 2016

1, mainly used as flocculants: suspended particles, thicker, high concentration, particle with a positive charge, water is neutral or alkaline PH value of wastewater due to anionic polyacrylamide molecules in the chain can contain a certain amount polar group of solid particles suspended in the water, bridge between the particles to form larger flocs. It therefore speed up the settling of particles in suspension, there is a very clear clarification accelerated solution, filters and other effects. The products are widely used in chemical industrial wastewater, waste water treatment, wastewater treatment. Water industry, purification of water with high turbidity, precipitation, coal washing, dressing, metallurgy, iron and steel industry, zinc, aluminum processing industry, electronics industry and water treatment.

2, for the petroleum industry, oil production, drilling mud, mud treatment, prevention of water channeling, reducing friction, enhanced oil recovery rate and is widely used in Eor.