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Polyacrylamide Main Role
Jun 12, 2017

First of all, polyacrylamide in the printing and dyeing industry several main functions:

1. Polyacrylamide In the textile industry, the polyacrylamide flocculant, as the sizing agent and finishing agent for fabric post treatment, can produce a protective layer of compliant, wrinkle-resistant and mold-resistance.

2. The flocculant can prevent the electrostatic and flame-retardant of the fabric.

3, as a printing and dyeing auxiliaries, Polyacrylamide can make the product adhesion fastness, high brightness, but also as a bleaching of the non-silicon polymer stabilizer;

4, for printing and dyeing textile industry sewage discharge has the effect of efficient purification, this is the focus.

Furthermore, the characteristics of wastewater in printing and dyeing industry are very obvious:

Printing and dyeing wastewater is larger, Polyacrylamide each printing and dyeing process 1 tons of textile water consumption $number tons, of which $number become wastewater. Textile Printing and dyeing wastewater has a large amount of water, high organic pollutant content, alkaline, water quality changes and other characteristics, is a refractory industrial waste water, wastewater containing dyes, slurry, additives, oil, Polyacrylamide acid and alkali, fiber impurities, sand substances, inorganic salts and so on.

The key to the coagulation treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater is to select the appropriate flocculant, and the conventional flocculant used in the treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater mainly consists of aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate, ferric chloride, late-use cationic polyacrylamide, these flocculants in the treatment of some water-soluble dye wastewater is obvious, such as disperse dyes, reducing dyes, Polyacrylamide sulfur dyes, cod and chroma removal rate is very high.

How to use it:

1, dissolution method: Before using the solid particles dissolved into a 1 concentration of aqueous solution, in order to play a quick effect. In the dosing, Polyacrylamide should take the gradual sex home medicine way, slowly into the water, then the uniform in the water dissolved.

2, the addition of dissolved liquid: usually add about 0.5--1 of the water solution, but in the high concentration of the suspension and high viscosity of the occasion, Polyacrylamide it is recommended that the aqueous solution further, diluted into 0.1, it will be easy to mix and play full effect.

3, the cation is lower than the anion molecular weight and thus the viscosity is weaker than the anion, so the cation, the concentration of non-ionic ratio is slightly higher than the anions. (depending on the circumstances, the same can be adjusted according to the water concentration of the appropriate concentration of turbidity high, low concentration. Low turbidity can be increased by appropriate concentration). Polyacrylamide The recommended concentration is 5-5.


1, the preparation of Pam aqueous solution, should be in the enamel, galvanized, aluminum or plastic barrels inside, not in the iron container to prepare and store.

2, when dissolved, should pay attention to the product evenly slowly add mixing and heating measures of the dissolved, should avoid the knot, solution at the appropriate temperature to prepare, and should avoid a long time play mechanical shearing. It is suggested that the agitator 60-200 turn/, Polyacrylamide otherwise it will lead to degradation of polymer and effect of use.

3, Pam Water solution should be used now, when the solution for a long time to place, the performance will be treated as water quality and gradually reduced.

4. After adding flocculant aqueous solution to the suspension, if stirring for a long time, it will destroy the Floc that has been formed.