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Use of polyacrylamide
Jan 03, 2018

1) Polyacrylamide is an organic polymer compound which can be divided into anionic polyacrylamide, cationic polyacrylamide and non-ionic polyacrylamide. It is a white powder or granule, soluble in water, but its dissolution speed is very slow.

2) anionic polyacrylamide is generally used in wastewater treatment flocculants, cationic generally used for sludge dewatering;

3) as a flocculant when the dosage is generally 1-2ppm, that is, for each treatment of 1 ton of wastewater dosage is about 1-2g;

4) Anionic when used generally formulated into about 0.1% aqueous solution, cationic can be formulated into 0.1% -0.5%;

5) The solution should first add water in the dissolution tank, and then open the mixer, and then slowly along the vortex PAM to join, PAM can not be a one-time rapid investment, otherwise the PAM will clump to form a "fish-eye" and can not dissolve;

6) After adding PAM should generally continue to stir more than 30min, to ensure its full dissolution;

7) Dissolved PAM should be used as soon as possible, anionic generally not more than 36h, the cationic dissolution is very easy to hydrolysis, should be used within 24h.