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The purpose of APAM
Jan 09, 2018

1) for sludge dewatering According to the nature of the sludge can choose the appropriate type of the product, can effectively sludge sludge dewatering before entering the filter press, dehydration, the floc large, non-stick filter cloth, filter press Bulk, flow thick mud cake, dehydration efficiency, mud cake moisture content below 80%.

2) For the treatment of domestic sewage and organic waste water, the product is electropositive in the compatibility or alkaline medium, thus effectively flocculating and settling the sewage with negative charge of the suspended particles in the sewage. Such as the production of food alcohol wastewater, paper wastewater, municipal wastewater treatment plant wastewater, beer wastewater, MSG wastewater, sugar wastewater, high organic content wastewater, feed wastewater, textile printing and dyeing wastewater, with cationic polyacrylamide than with anions, Non-ionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salts to be several times or ten times higher, because this type of wastewater generally negative charge.

3) The flocculant is used for the treatment of tap water with river water as a source of water, with less dosage, good effect and low cost, especially when used in combination with inorganic flocculant. It will become tap water for treating the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and other watersheds Plant efficient flocculants.

4) paper enhancer and other additives. Improve fillers, pigments and other retention rate, the strength of the paper.

5) Used in oilfield aids, such as clay anti-swelling agent, oilfield acidification thickener.

6) Used for textile sizing agent, stable performance of slurry, less falling pulp, low breakage rate of fabric and smooth surface.