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Super Absorbent Polymer for Baby/ Adult Diaper
May 05, 2017
Basic Info
  • Trademark: Tongli

  • Origin: Shandong China

  • White: Powder

  • Specification:ISO,SGS

  • HS Code: 39069090

Product Description

Product Description
super absorbent polymer for Adult Diaper
We are manufacture of super absorbent polymers for baby diaper, adult diaper, pad, pet pad, women sanitary napkins, nursing pad etc. good quality and better price, welcome to contact me! 

Product Description
The Water Retaining Agent is acrylate / acrylamide copolymer. It is produced by advanced equipment and unique techniques; Therefore the 
Product's capacity becomes more excellent. The product's absorbing rate is high, and the gel is firm after absorbing water. It can be used repeatedly 
Under the soil's pressure, and keep the soil ventilated and keep the soil from hardening. It has super capacity of absorption, and it can release afterwards, 
So it can reduce running off, exaltation the utilization of the fertilizer and agrochemical, and lower the pollution of the environment. This product can degradable 
Completely. It can be gradually degraded into carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen etc. After being used in soil for 23 years, so it is beneficial and harmless to the soil, 
And it will improve the original ecosystem environment.

White particles
Free Absorbencyg/g52 min.
Retention Capacity after
g/g33 min.
Liquid Permeability(0.3psi)ml/min30 min.
Absorption under pressure0.7psi g/g
0.3psi g/g
22 min.
29 min.
Absorption RateS50max
PH Value
Moisture ContentWt %5% max
Residual Monomer (As AA)PPM260max
Particle Size30-80mesh