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How crude oil demulsifiers work
Dec 13, 2017

 The crude oil demulsifier is an oil field chemical agent for separating oil and water from the oil recovery fluid. The principle of demulsification is that the demulsifier penetrates deep and adheres to the interface of the emulsion droplet, replaces the original emulsifier and destroys the surface membrane, The droplet releases and coalesces the oil and water phases. As oil recovery technology is not from the initial injection to heavy oil thermal recovery, but also to alkali flooding, surfactant flooding, polymer flooding and tertiary recovery, the crude oil in the gum, asphalt, naphthenic acid , Fatty acids and salts, the addition of crystalline paraffin and the introduction of a variety of man-made surface-active substances in the emulsification, making the crude oil extracted showed an emulsion form. And because of the continuous improvement of new technology, most of the oilfields in our country have already entered the period of high water cut. The crude oil emulsion is changed from CDE type to EDC type, which increases the difficulty of crude oil demulsification and dehydration and also makes the crude oil demulsifier in composition, Demulsification mechanism has also undergone great changes, but for an ideal crude oil demulsifier should be required to have a strong surface activity, good wetting properties, adequate flocculation capacity, better coalescence effect. In meeting the needs of the oil field to ensure that the demulsification of crude oil dehydration effect, but also greatly promoted the crude oil demulsifier research and development process.