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High Quality Sodium Polyacrylate/ Super Absorbent Polymer for Baby Diapers
May 11, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.:Tongli

  • Natural Resin: Rosin

  • Molecular Principal Chain: Heterochain Polymer

        Specification: ISO. SGS

  • HS Code: 39069090

  • Synthetic Resin: Ion Exchange Resin

  • Characteristic: Thermosetting Resin

  • Color: White

  • Origin: Shandong, China

Product Description
High water absorpiton capacity
Water absorption capacity under high pressure
Good water absorption capacity
Good flowability

SAP absorbs water at several times to one thousand times of its dry weight. It retains most of the absorbed liquid, even under considerable pressure.
SAP is almost insoluble in water or in most solvents.
SAP is almost non-toxic.
SAP has a narrow particle-size distribution.
SAP boasts good flowability and can be scattered constantly by a feeder.
SAP maintains its good flowability even in highly humid environments.


Personal hygiene products (diapers, napkins)
Pet sheets
Absorbents for medical waste
Water blocking tape
Water Swellable tape
Water swellable fiber
Water absorbents (including water-holding material, dewatering agents)
Anti-dewing agents
Rubbers or resins
ApperanceWhite Powder
Free absorbency  (distilled water)377.72g/g
Free Aabsorbency  (0.9% salty water)54-60g/g
Residual Monomer≤300ppm
Rentention capacity30g/g
Absorbing Capacity Under Load≥18g/g 0.7PSI
≥29g/g 0.3PSI
Absorbing Rate (25 Times Salty Water)40.82s
Moisture Content≤7%
PH Value6.0-6.8
Particle Size Distribution20-80mesh