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Crude demulsifier demulsification principle
Dec 18, 2017

In recent years, the research on the emulsion breaking mechanism of crude oil emulsion mostly focuses on the detailed investigation of droplet coalescence and the influence of demulsifier on the interfacial rheological properties. However, because the effect of demulsifier on the emulsion is very complicated, there is no unified conclusion about the mechanism of demulsification though a lot of research work is done in this field.

The following currently recognized demulsification mechanism:

1. Solubilization mechanism. Demulsifiers used to form one or a few molecules micelles, the polymer clumps or micelles emulsifier molecules can be solubilized, causing the demulsification of crude oil emulsion.

2 fold deformation mechanism. Microscopic observations showed that the W / O emulsion had double or multiple hydrosol rings and an oil ring between the two hydrosalks. Droplet under the action of heating and stirring and demulsifier, the inner layers of the droplets communicate with each other, so that the droplets condense and demulsify.

In addition, there are some researches on demulsification mechanism of O / W emulsion crude oil system in China. It is considered that the ideal demulsifier must have the following conditions: strong surface activity, good wetting ability, enough flocculation capacity, Better coalescence effect.